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2009 Dodge Charger Police Interceptor Hits The Streets

Posted in auto industry, Car Accessories, Car Photography, Car Tech, Cars, Chrysler, Dodge, Fast Cars, General, muscle cars, New Cars, Newsworthy by Suzanne Denbow | October 22nd, 2008 | 27 Responses |

Re-engineered and reintroduced in 2009 as the fastest production police cruiser on the market, the Dodge Charger’s next-gen 5.7L HEMI V8 unleashes 398 horses on the street and produces an impressive 395 lb-ft of torque. The biggest achievement isn’t the incredible power, though, but rather the 20% increase in fuel efficiency that accompanies it. Utilizing the same Multi-Displacement System (MDS) found beneath the hoods of both the Dodge Durango Hybrid and Chrysler Aspen Hybrid, the ’09 Charger is able to average a fuel-consumption rate of 16 mpg city/25 mpg hwy by deactivating 4 of the Charger’s 8 cylinders when travelling at low speeds.

For those times when you needed to be inside the crackhouse helping perps fall down the stairs yesterday, Dodge also had the foresight to equip the ’09 Charger police cruiser with some heavy-duty stopping power, featuring a deceleration rate of 60 to 0 mph in 135 feet. In addition, the Charger cop cars also come equipped with an Electronic Stability Program (ESP), which automatically monitors driving conditions and provides assistant accordingly. Using a combination of an ABS, traction control, Yaw sensor, and Steering Angle Sensor, ESP electronically compares the vehicle’s actual course with the driver’s intended course and will automatically intervene when it detects an anomaly. For those of you who aren’t familiar with exactly how that kind of technology works, all you really need to know is that ESP is basically a system which allows the driver to maintain control of the vehicle while he racks his .12 gauge and takes aim.

Source: Chrysler

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27 Responses

  1. wow says:

    398 hp?, how about 368

  2. […] Those are some impressive numbers for a cop car… 2009 Dodge Charger Police Interceptor Hits The Streets Cheers […]

  3. John People says:

    I think that its a bad idea to use Dodge Charger. First reason as a civilian our government has put in about 3.5 billion into Chrysler which is stupid, that probably went to the shareholder and workers that were making 75$ a hours or 150 000 $ a year with no education. Also terrible I make about 50 000 a year and they think I’m going to support a big auto company that has abuse there costumers with poor quality vehicle. If they were going to go bankrupt and liquidated everything so be it they deserve it.
    And Law Enforcement supporting them too, by using taxpayers money and buying there poor quality vehicles. Why not just use the Ford Crown Victoria it did the job. Why fix it if its not broke.

  4. Arthur says:

    To answer your question, Mr. People, the Crown Victorias that these police agencies had were getting old and worn out. They needed a replacement, and since GM quit producing their Chevy Caprice years ago, the Charger was the only suitable replacement. Besides, now that the original Chrysler is gone, and the new Chrysler Group LLC has taken its place, I suspect poor quality will no longer be a problem once they get their act together. The only problem is whether Chrysler Group LLC can stay in business long enough to deal with those quality issues once and for all.

  5. h8radars says:

    They also have a different band radar system right? Because my radar doesn’t detect any of the new police interceptors

  6. Mr.People says:

    To Arthur, I have seen 2006,2007 dodge charger, dodge magnum. That were pretty much brand new less than 5000 miles. Which were used as rental cars at a place that I work at. Having problems like example I had a family rent a 2007 dodge magnum and they drove maybe about five hours to the closes town and stop at a place just to eat and whatever. Called us to tell us that car they had rented which is a DODGE would not start, that it was dead as a door knob. . Sure a DODGE looks great and fast but what a nice car when it doesn’t start.

  7. Rex Sagle says:

    I have driven many police vehicles over the years, including the great for there time Caprices, the super for there time the great dodges of the 60’s and 70’s.
    I taught pursuit driving , Highway Response, and protective driving for many years, participated in many police vehicle evauations held in Michigan.
    I also owned a Superbird which for its time was a great car.
    I still own a 94 Caprice that runs as good now as it did when I purchaed it, It has the 235x70x15 v rated tires which allowd a top
    speed of 141mph, I also use the great Command Automotive
    Brake rotors on this car.
    I also own a 2006 Dodge Charger police vehicle with the 149mph
    chip, it also has Command Performance Brake Rotors.
    I have got as high as 27 mpg with the charger driving on the interstate at sixty five and seventy mile per hour.
    I must say the charger is a great, comfortable and certainly a beautiful
    handling vehicle.
    They are well worth there money, and I am sure they have been improved for 2009 and 10.

  8. John People says:

    If dodge charger are all that great why is the company not doing all that great

  9. Don Price says:

    Hey John People, reason they went broke is that you and your friends bought European and Jap cars. Also the unions had a big hand in breaking both GM and Chrysler. My ’06 Police Charger is fantastic.

  10. John People says:

    Hey Don Price, I drive a 2000 Grand Marquis for your info and its got 170000 miles on it and will keep on running longer then your dodge will. And I just bought 2010 mustang gt. I am a FORD guy. The reason they went bankrupt is because of POOR QUALITY. I had a 2003 malibu and it was shit I spent so much money on repairs that I could of bought another car.

  11. TotalFat says:

    Hey John People Ford did not go under because they got a fat loan before everything hit the fan. GM was trying to get a loan when they stopped giving them out. Ford kept chugging along and bragging about not needing a bailout because of a fluke of timing, not superior quality or management. But hey at least you like American cars not like all these traitor lemming Jap-car loving clowns that are so common nowadays. If I buy a non-American car it will be because I got a good deal on it or it specifically suited my needs better than any other product — not because Consumer Reports said it was 2% more likely to go 100k miles without breaking a piston ring! I’m not exaggerating; a black circle in CR means 2% more reports of problems than median. If you own a thousand cars you might notice a trend, but you or me not so much.

  12. DaLaw says:

    I drive a 2006 Dodge Charger 5.7L Police Package car. All I can say is it is the best car I have ever had. It has 50,000 miles on it and I haven’t had any problems. And it is a pleasure to drive. I have brand new tires for it but I haven’t installed them yet. I can be sideways on a highway on ramp, in the rain, with my bald tires and I can stomp on the pedal – and the car will correct itself beautifully – and it will find the traction it needs and send me safely (and quickly) on my way.

  13. ga-boy says:

    Driving a high performance vehicle like a hemi-equipped charger and keeping bald tires on it is stupid no matter the technolligy. There are other people out on those on ramps than you.

  14. Jean Dean says:

    I don’t buy any cars from the two welfare automakers because they had no right to be bailed out. They abused there customers and thats why they went bankrupt. Now I run a business, employing 70 people now my product if it is shitty and my customers buy it and get pissed off and don’t buy from me again. Then that is my fault and if i lose my customers I go bankrupt and I go out of business. No government is going to bail me out. Thats what should have had happened to GM and Chrysler they are the ones that are supposed to pay for there screw ups that they have made and treating the customers like crape. The people shouldn’t have payed its not right.

  15. cop866 says:

    as for the Charger as a police car – They are very nice, fast, and excellent handling. As for its longevity – we will see as the one we have is fairly new, and a fair evaluation of its ability to hold up hasn’t been given a chance to be evaluated, but so far so good. As for the use of the Crown Vic, well its “dead in the water” so to speak.. The Crown Vic is being cut out of the Police Market within about a year the last production run of the Crown Victoria will be over. So departments now are beginning to switch to something else, and the Charger is the only rear wheel drive police package car available. The Chevy Impala is “Junk” not only in its design for police use, its not heavy duty enough to survive the rigors of police work that the Crown Vic has, and the Charger appears to be able to. There is also rumors of Ford bringing out a Police Package Taurus SHO after the removal of the Crown Vic from its line, but again it would fall to the “Can it hold up?” category, as the first “Police Package” taurus did not, and luckily then the Crown Vic was still produced, but this time Ford will not have the big Brother to fall on id the Taurus fails as a Police vehicle.

  16. Jean Dean says:

    Hope your Dodge Charger holds up and doesn’t leave you in a situation where you need it but it just won’t work because its a Dodge.

  17. bruce says:

    Jean Dean and John People, give me a break. Dodge invented the term dependability!! I’ve got 100,000 clicks on my police package charger, and it has never let me down! I love it, and i would buy another one in a heartbeat!!

  18. robert mccormick says:

    Good to see some natural negative responses from people who bought from any other car company other than Dodge. It’s always good to know how people can reveal their ignorance with ridiculous claims on what “quality” vehicles fit their personal criteria. This is easily determined through excessive use of “poor quality” despite an obvious lack of mechanical knowledge and experience. If a car generically breaks down and you start with the assumption that it was the car maker’s fault then you bring it into my shop, I’ll have the glory of getting more out of you purposely. Car makers don’t purposely take plug wires off distributors and other assorted ownership (and sometimes dealership) misjudgments that tempts you to ask yourself the same question- “Why?”

    -Jean Dean, I’m doubting your automotive experience as you see far too incompetent to acknowledge actual differences in cars, especially in relation to fleet operation. On another note, your GM/Chrysler bailout information must have been encrypted with 256-bit idiocy.

    Honestly, if the cause for the (bumpkin) brand bias is simply because you individuals have one-time scenarios where a vehicles doesn’t start and you don’t know what to do then I’d have trouble believing you drive enough to understand that it is asphalt you are driving on.

  19. robert mccormick says:

    That was also very simple to stray away from the main article, oops!

    On a “quality” investigation of a fellow officer’s 2006 Dodge Charger with close to 43k miles, the car is very genuinely appreciated due to what he bestowed a “performing beauty” of a fleet vehicle. This is someone who also owned Ford Crown Victoria, whilst he expressed his memories and good times with, seems in preference to his current hemi-powered highway patrol interceptor. I didn’t ask about the braking as I believe he subbed for his own preferred aftermarket slotted brake rotors. Very impressive fleet model vehicle.

    I personally have no issue on the Ford fleet vehicles as it is still the most common fleet car around, but if you’re the local department with a choice for getting a deal for a car that is more modern, stylish and situationally more powerful or efficient, I would say the extra $1k price tag is justified.

  20. Jean Dean says:

    If the Chargers are such a good car and I’m an idiot, why aren’t there more Chargers on the road.

  21. zudid says:

    All vehicles have inherent design flaws and mechanical breakdowns. Great mechanics come/go and are few and far between as I’ve seen all kinds of makes and models of vehicles breakdown in sin city! (heat stroke??!) Back to the subject at hand. Yes the crown vic is prominent and has a long history both good and bad. The charger is new and should be given due time to prove itself now, not based on past manufacturer issues. Frankly I lean towards the charger because of it’s modern looks and aggressive stance. However, I’d get into a crown vic TAXICAB way before a charger, in which no one has commented on; SAFETY! Yes, the pacemaker crown vic days are seemingly over but a new TAURUS?! FO “SHO” NO! On to the charger we go!~ But foremost I certainly agree; don’t fix it if it ain’t broke!”

  22. DaLaw says:

    Hey gay-boy,

    technolligy is spelt “technology”.

    2006 Dodge Charger 5.7L Police Package car – best car I have ever owned. A blast to drive. A well designed work vehicle that takes everything I throw at it.

    Kudos Chrysler

  23. rollen montoya says:

    mr jean dean needs to do research before voicing an opinion. i live in apple valley ca and the C.H.P. is aquiring the charger. they have several patrolling the I-15 in the high desert and have had no troubles at all. police departments in socal are switching to the hemi charger as
    it is way quicker than the crown vic by more than 2 seconds from 0 to 60. i bought my daughter a crown vic police interceptor and yes it is faster than the standard crown vic but it could not run with my lincoln
    MKVII LSC. it even struggled to 60 just to keep up with my 94 jeep grand cherokee limited V-8 with the chrysler 318(5.2L). the jeep is full time 4×4. i also owned a 93 crown vic non cop car. nice car but very outdated. as for front drive cop cars, no way jose. rear crive is the only way.

  24. Nick says:

    Well it looks like a lot of you have no idea what your talking about, so let me explain three things.

    First GM and Chrysler did not go bankrupt for poor quality. In fact the GM and Chrysler have pretty good quality (it’s not the 1980s any more). What happened there was that Chrysler and GM were making larger vehicles (SUVs and Trucks). What cars they did have had low MPG (miles per gallon), so when the oil prices went up a few years back, people started buy smaller cars with high MPG, and only the foreigners and Ford were making cars like that.

    Second the Crown Victoria won’t be produced after 2012. The new Ford Interceptor is based off the Taurus.

    Third, the Crown Victoria has trouble taking faster cars. They only have 250 horsepower, and much lower torque. Plus their heavy. I drove a Crown Victoria interceptor for many years, and it has trouble running down some sports cars.

  25. Rex Sagle says:

    I have owned Dodges, Fords, Chevrolets all police vehicles.
    I have had Impalas, Crown Victoria’s and still have a great ninety four
    Caprice, the 141 mph job.
    Ford has had a overdrive transmission problem which they never addressed and a harmonic vibration to which they had to limit the top speed to 129mph to prevent transmission bushing failure due to excessive vibrations above the 129 mph speed.
    My Caprice has 188,000 miles still does not use a quart of oil between changes, still reaches it top speed of 141. and has been a great car, however it does have excessive under steer a which is something I do not care for in a vehicle.
    My 2006 Dodge has 77,000 miles no problems at all it has the 149 mph
    chip and reaches that speed very easily.
    very little understeer and all in all a very fine vehicle.
    I would certainly advise any dept to make the Charger there next vehicle.

  26. JD says:

    The Dodge Charger without the “Police Package” is an awesome…well built…fun to drive vehicle. My next Charger (2011) wil be one ordered from “scratch” with a Police Package. If my present vehicle is any indication (all 80k miles on my 2008 base model)…it will be AMAZING!

  27. Jean Dean says:

    I don’t understand why you would want to help the well fare automaker. They have build poor quality vehicle and that’s the reason why they got in a financial mess. Not because the economy was bad.