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2009 Dodge Challenger: SRT-8 Approved – Europe Denied

Posted in Auto Show, Chrysler, Concept Cars, Design, Dodge by will bee | September 1st, 2007 | 4 Responses |

2009 Dodge Challenger

The New Chrysler seems to have some new thinking under the thumb of Cerebrus and that new thinking is having second thoughts about the Challenger. No, it is still going to be built and sold, but its production numbers and sales locations are dwindling.
Due to the decision by Cerebrus to make the Challenger a limited production car there will be no official sales of the car on the European market. Ofcourse any person with the proper means can broker a deal across the pond to acquire one, but do not expect many Challengers to be sitting at dealerships waiting for a home long. Especially do not anticipate to find a lonely Challenger SRT-8 begging for a buyer.

The online speculation of a Challenger SRT-8 is swelling and would seem well founded. The case for a specialty Challenger would be even more likely now as it would allow Chrysler to command the most money for the limited numbers of cars they are projecting to build. If you are going to make it a limited run why not make it the most appealing run you possibly can. The 6.0 liter Hemi engines are all there and have an eager following, so why would Cerebrus not make the most profitable move? 

With a limited showing on the open market many of you who may have been holding out for the Challengers 2009 release may want to alter your shopping schedule. For the Dodge loyalist out there the Charger may just have to do to satisfy that muscle car throw-back hankering. But for those with the means to purchase one of the select few Challengers available in 2009 you will get your first glimpse of the completed car in Chicago at the February auto show.

Source[MotorAuthority, AutoBlog]

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4 Responses

  1. Dee says:

    People been waiting for the Challenger to come out.. now they want to limit their numbers?! Jeez, that doesn’t sound fair at all…


    We have all waited over 30 years for Chrysler to make a 2-door muscle car again and now it is going to be a limited production car for the rich and famous. I don’t think they know how many people are willing to purchase an affordable muscle car. All my Mustang buddies want one as well. Chrysler is making a huge mistake! This car could save them and keep them competitive. They ruined the new minivan by turning it into a box that is uglier than the Honda and Toyota. Why do people have to try and out think the customer. Just make what they want, It is so easy if you would just listen!!!!

  3. Captain says:

    I put a non-refundable $2,000 deposit down on a 2009 Challenger in February the day after I saw one at the Chicago auto show. I am still waiting to hear when it will begin production.

  4. Anssi says:

    I really wish Chrysler would sink down fastest possible after this decision. Not many produced Challengers, which would sell a lot, but let’em build instead of dozens of other not-so-wanted models. What a logic.