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2009 Chevy Aveo5 Tuning Package For Middle Eastern Buyers

Posted in Car Photography, Cars, Chevrolet, Compact Cars, Custom, Design, GM by Suzanne Denbow | December 8th, 2008 | 3 Responses |

…As if we needed another argument in favor of letting GM go bankrupt. On the plus side though, Chevy’s new Aveo5 customization program will only be available to Middle Eastern customers, so at least we here stateside only have to continue dealing with craptacular amateur tuning jobs…but I digress. The new Chevy Aveo5 tuning packages actually come with a fairly impressive array of options, including front bumper kits, side skirts, rear wings, spoilers, hood and roof scoops, new alloy wheels, decals, and custom paint options.

Unfortunately, tuning an Aveo5 seems a lot like sticking a fartcan on an AMC Pacer, and Chevy’s marketing department isn’t doing much by way of dispelling that conception. As a matter of fact, Chevrolet’s Marketing Manager in the Middle East, Karen Toor, appears to be one of the few surviving Jim Jones leftovers, if her explanation of Chevy’s ultimate inspiration for launching the program is any indication. Said Toor, “We understand some people might want to build on that wonderful package, and there are several options for them to choose from while doing so.”

Check out more pics of the “wonderful package” after the jump

Source: CarScoop

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3 Responses

  1. Rock517 says:

    Paris Hilton sez: “That’s hawt.”

  2. jasmine says:

    If you had bothered to read, you would know that the kit is NOT factory, but it’s one dealer’s creation. I accidently ran across this blog while googling today, and couldn’t help looking up the article and checking with the dealer, since I live in Dubai and was considering an Aveo or Yaris. He told me that there were NO factory tuning packages available…he said the package above was a project that a bunch of young guys at the dealership came up with… get your facts straight b4 you write…

  3. Suzanne Denbow says:

    @Jasmine – I apologize if the facts as reported by our news source were incorrect, we here at RideLust do strive for accuracy. I appreciate the time you took to peruse RideLust, however, and I look forward to receiving more of your positive, mature feedback in the future.