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2009 Audi R8 Receives MotherProof Award As Best “Fun” Family Car

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At the awards ceremony wrapping up the 2009 Washington, D.C. Auto Show, the 2009 Audi R8 was granted the official yuppie seal of approval with a distinction from MotherProof as the best “Just For Fun” family car for 2009. Confused? We were too, so we decided to muster up our courage and venture into the pink, emotional territory of MotherProof.com. We don’t know that we’ll ever recover.

Glaringly void of any hard specs, the MotherProof reviewer praised the R8 for possessing minivan-like qualities, remarking “my dry cleaning bag fit nicely into the mesh pocket behind the seats.” At this point in the review we began to feel a dull, slightly numbing sensation beginning to creep up our left arm, but we continued reading anyway in the earnest hope that the worst part of our nightmare was over. We hoped in vain. Apparently, not only is the Audi R8 perfectly suited for transporting the freshly-pressed dress shirts of Mr. Brady, but it also has the magical ability to fulfil the driver’s childhood fairytale fantasies. Read the review (which we swear to Chilton we are not making up), “Just as the glass slipper allowed Cinderella to fulfill her destiny of becoming a beautiful, gracious queen, the R8 paved the way for me to fulfill my destiny of driving a beautiful sports car while being a gracious, pregnant queen of the road.”

We could go on, but we’ve found that it’s extremely difficult to type when one is curled into the fetal position beneath one’s desk, sobbing inconsolably.


What makes commuters, moms happy? Web sites pick Audi cars
– Cars.com recognizes the 2009 Audi A4 as the ‘Best New Car for Commuters’
– MotherProof.com calls the 2009 Audi R8 the best car ‘Just for Fun’
– Awards given at the Washington Auto Show
HERNDON, Va., Feb 3, 2009 – Tired of long, tiring drives to work and back? Consider the 2009 Audi A4. Cars.com today recognized it as the “Best New Car for Commuters” in its 2009 Cars.com Lifestyles Awards. Are you a mom looking to have a little added fun on the roads? Look to the 2009 Audi R8, which MotherProof.com noted as the best car “Just for fun” in its 2009 Family Cars of the Year award. Both leading Web sites issued their awards at the Washington, D.C., Auto Show.

Cars.com created its awards to recognize vehicles that are best suited for the lifestyle needs of today’s consumers in categories ranging from green cars to cars best for bosses and weekend athletes. The award-winners are the top choices selected by Cars.com editors from the site’s Lifestyle Buying Guide. MotherProof.com, a site dedicated to providing mothers with useful and entertaining new-car reviews, kicked off its awards in 2006 to help women evaluate the best models to meet their needs. Its awards are based on real-life experiences using cars and light trucks for commuting, taking kids to school, grocery shopping and the like.

MotherProof.com editors also recognized the 2009 audi S5 for having the “Top Latch Connectors” in its Family Cars of the Year competition. “It’s a two-door coupe, and the latch connectors work? Yes, they do,” noted MotherProof.com editors. “Do you know what we like most about them? They’re out there for everyone to see … . Built into plastic housing, the latch connectors are easy to use, too.”

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Source: Audi Media, MotherProof.com

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  1. Rock517 says:

    Here’s the story… Of a writer named Suzie… Who f’in looooves the Audi R8… She writes about it, whenever she can… And then she drools on the screen.