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2008 RUF CTR3: Stupifying Performance

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2008 RUF CTR 3
2008 RUF CTR 3

To label the good people of RUF as aftermarket “tuners” would be misleading, and in fact inacurrate; RUF is actually classified as a manufacturer.  Yes, the CTR3 is built with many Porsche parts, but much of this car (almost half) is all original.  But unlike some sort of celebrity impersonator who benefits from the fame and looks of another, RUF has the muscle to back up the pretty swagger.

Not Included
Rear Visibility: Not Included

The mid-engined CTR3 is the result of several years of development of a completely RUF-built vehicle that ultimately was unsuccessful in coming to production.  Ruf subsequently turned to the Porsche 911 GT3 RS for the front and designed a completely original tube frame design for the back in which to mate to their own design.  Despite it’s Porsche-looks, with the exception of the aluminum doors, hood, headlights, and tail lights, the rest of the CTR3 is all built by RUF with carbon fiber.  To overcome the car’s lack of rear visibility the production car is built with a backup camera.  That should hardly be a concern as this thing was made to go forward…very fast.  The CTR3 uses a 3.6-liter Porsche-derived twin-turbocharged flat-6, increased to 3.8 liters by RUF and tricked out through the magic of engineering to produce a whopping 700 horses and 657lb.-ft. of torque transferred to the rear wheels through a specially designed six speed sequential manual.   RUF says future versions will have a clutch that will be required only for takeoff and not downshifting.  And they really mean “take off.”  The car’s 0-to-62 mph figure of 3.2 seconds and a top speed of 235 mph.  To keep the car on the track, fifteen-inch, ceramic composite brakes and 335/30 ZR20 tires are standard.  The wheelbase is 10.8 in. longer than a 911’s and 8.2 in. longer than a Cayman’s; overall length is nearly identical to a 911 (about 3 in. longer than a Cayman), though the CTR3 is about 5 in. wider and about 4.5 in. lower than a 911. Weight is estimated at just under 3100 lb.

Inside, as with all RUF automobiles, the CTR3 has a full safety rollcage.  The dash and console may look like factory Porsche, but the rest interior has been completely restitched by RUF in leather over reshaped GT3 seats.

RUF expects the first customer cars to be ready next month at a price of $519,000.  About 70 grand more than the Carrera GT, it’s competition are cars like the Ferrari Enzo and Koenigsegg CCX.  They have plans to build 50 CTR3s over the next three years.  At some point, RUF will ultimately produce their own fully designed supercar.  Until then, the world will have to SOMEHOW make do with the CTR3.

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