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2008 Genesis gives Hyundai a 380-hp luxury sedan… What?!

Posted in Car Tech, Hyundai by will bee | August 28th, 2007 | 2 Responses |

Hyundai Genesis Sedan

If the word streaming out from the HyundaiExchange is any indication Hyundai is looking to break-out strong into the luxury sedan market. Hyundai’s recent emergence into the limelight of the auto industry is not by accident and is not going to fade away. They already have one of the best warranty programs for their new cars and now they are planning to introduce what they hope will be one of the best luxury sedans on the market. The primary means (besides style and quality) by which Hyundai plans to get their Genesis sedan to the top will be with a new 380-hp engine and a lower price than their competitors.

In a speech from Hyundai’s R&D head Hyun-Soon Lee the new Genesis sedan is going to be propelled by the all new 4.6 liter “Tau” V8 that is going to be generating 380-hp. That kind of output from a Hyundai engine has before now seemed unlikely and unreachable. Now the Korean auto maker has new goals for themselves and competing on all levels appears to be one of them.

Another means to set yourself apart from the pack is to have a price point well below them. The target for the Genesis sedan is to take on the Lexus LS-level product but at a cost closer to the Chrysler 300C.

Teaming the high octane “Tau” engine and its 380-hp output with a pleasing price and you may just have a hit on your hands, Hyundai. The styling of the Genesis sedan will blend in well with the designs of their competitors and as long as it is teamed up with Hyundai’s 10 year/ 100,000 mile warranty Hyundai will be making some significant waves in the luxury sedan market in 2008.

Source[motive via egmcartech]

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2 Responses

  1. Dee says:

    Whoa, Hyundai!! This car has a nice slick luxury appearance and you got me on the horsepower. Horsies goooood.. The price range, if it stays in the prices of the Chrysler 300c, is well worth the money. Especially if it’s a new competitor of luxury cars such as Lexus. Just keep the 100,000/10 yr warranty…

  2. genesis says:

    i want this car because its so nice and it matches me just not because its my name its also because it fits my personality