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20 Frighteningly Awesome Car Costumes

Posted in Bizarre, Car Photography, Cars, Custom, Design by Suzanne Denbow | October 29th, 2008 | Leave a Reply |

Photo by The Noah Family

Perhaps you’re a gearhead with an enthusiasm for Halloween, or perhaps the recent economic crisis facilitated the repossession of your house, whichever the case, your fervid lust for ghoulish decorations needn’t stop at the pumpkins on your front doorstep. Automobiles are a veritable blank canvas too, but their nightmare potential is often overlooked when the spirit of cheap Halloween decorations begins to harvest souls. Fortunately, there are a few morbid individuals who did see the terrifying potential in their cars and proceeded to create some of the most garish (and often amusing) Halloween costumes for their cars.

So hit the jump and check out the 20 Most Frighteningly Awesome Car Halloween Costumes

Photo by Calidreaming

Photo by Radfordred

Photo by gwen

Photo by ModernRetro

Photo by mods

Photo by chad davis

Photo by Swleamon

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Photo by jbparker

Photo by bughead70

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Photo by Kit Foster

Photo by Brain Toad Photography

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Photo by Joshshua989

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Photo by glamgirl

Photo by: allcarsreview

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