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1987 Yugo GV Sport For Sale. You Want How Much?

Posted in Cars, Collector Cars, FAIL, Foreign Cars, General, Used Cars by Kurt Ernst | July 26th, 2010 | 1 Response |

Photo: The Auto Collections

Despite all the big hair, bad music and worse cars, the 1980s were a fun time to be alive. First, we were still in the midst of the Cold War, so at least you knew which country had their nukes aimed at you. Cell phones and e-mail weren’t in common use, so people actually had lives outside of work. Speaking of work, you could still believe the illusion of job security back in the 80s. On the down side, the Yugo GV was introduced to these shores, and quickly illustrated why real cars cost more than a bachelor party at a local strip club.

There’s serious debate about the Yugo being the worst car ever sold in America. Some say yes, some say no, and personally, I’m on the fence. Yes, the Yugo was bad, even monumentally bad, but so was the mid-80’s Chrysler LeBaron. At least the Yugo was cheap, with a sticker price of less than $4,000, about half what a Ford Escort was selling for back in those days.

If you miss the 80s and want to buy a time capsule to remember them by, this 1987 Yugo GV Sport, offered by The Auto Collections and seen on Jalopnik, may be the finest example left in the world It’s tan exterior and flesh-colored interior virtually guarantee that theft won’t be a problem, and the car only has 1,826 original miles on it. The 1.1 liter motor cranks out a solid 55 horsepower, and should hold together for at least another 1,000 trouble-free miles.

There aren’t many Yugos left on these shores, and I couldn’t find another example for sale on eBay. Given this cars condition, you’d expect to pay a premium over the original $4,000 price, maybe even as much as double. Sorry, Mr. Flock-Of-Seagulls hairdo, eight large isn’t even close to the sum required to own this time capsule of Reagan era funk. In fact, the seller is looking for $14,500 to part with his Serbian collector’s item.

That’s serious money for a Yugo, even if it it the finest example left on the planet. That kind of coin will also buy you any number of classic cars you’d actually WANT to drive, and that will likely appreciate in value. I wish the seller a lot of luck, but at that price the Yugo is likely to be parked a long, long time.

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One Response

  1. dman says:

    I once saw a yugo (ironic name since if you had one you did not go ….. anywhere since it did not start) with a rag as a gas cap. Its like driving a Molotov cocktail for transportation.
    I guess its the whole communist rebel thing