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1983 Airstream Excella: NASA’s Astrovan

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Nasa's Astro Van

It traveled at 17,500 mph, burned one million pounds of solid propellant, and had a flight career that spanned 30 years and 130 missions. It was the space shuttle and although an amazing machine, there was still one other vehicle in NASA’s arsenal that was equally loved by the astronauts who rode in it. I speak of course about the 1983 Airstream transport that was known throughout NASA as the Astrovan. This converted motor home had one purpose and one purpose only; to transport the shuttle astronauts the 9 miles from shuttle headquarters to the launch pad. For some astronauts riding in the Astrovan was a right of passage, for others it was simply a transport. However you cut it though, this 28 foot long silver box is just as much a piece of NASA history as the shuttle itself.

Source: Youtube.com

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