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1980 Beckons: Lamborghini Athon Concept

Posted in Concept Cars, History, Lamborghini by Dustin Driver | October 24th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

In 1980 the Raging Bull was being put out to pasture. Lamborghini went into liquidation and many doubted it would recover. Still, the super car manufacturer dropped a stunner on the 1980 Turin Motor Show, the Athon. Designed by Marc Deschamps of Bertone, the Athon was the epitome of clean, futuristic design. The topless wedge looked like it beamed down from the mothership, complete with multiple vents that seemingly fed a hyperdrive system and forcefield generator. And unlike most concept cars, it was fully functional, built on a Lamborghini Silhouette. The automotive press went wild when they saw it and many believe it drummed up enough interest in Lamborghini to save the company. The Athon currently resides in the Bertone museum in Rome.

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