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1977 Chrysler Newport Police Car: Go Big or Go Home

Posted in Best of, eBay Motors, General, News, Police, Politics, Pop Culture, Rants & Raves by MrAngry | April 6th, 2011 | 1 Response |

1977 Chrysler Newport

At about 19-feet long the 1977 Chrysler Newport was about as big as you could go back in the late 1970’s. Sure it was roomy, but all that room meant that these big canoes (all 4,400 lbs of them) handled liked they had balloons for suspension systems. The ’77 Newport was motivated by a 440 cu in big block that was clogged up with all sorts of emissions controls. That meant that the 7.2-liter behemoth under the hood only put out 185 hp and 310 lb-ft of torque, a far cry from the 1968 version that made 375 hp and 480 lb-ft of torque. Regardless though, the Newports of the late 1970’s were all about space, comfort and the fact that you could fit an entire neighborhood in the back seat.

1977 Chrysler Newport

This particular Newport is up for sale on eBay and is a replica of a 1977 California Highway Patrol Unit that includes all the bells and whistles. Some of which include an overhead light bar, spot light, dash radar unit, siren, rear deck light, front grill lights, pump shot gun (air soft), CB police radio, and a wicked cool seat divider to keep the kids from getting out of hand.

1977 Chrysler Newport

Keep in mind now that I have no idea if driving this thing on public roads is even legal, but if it is just think about the fun you could have with it. I’m not talking about pulling people over mind you, but from a visual perspective this thing would be an absolute hoot. There are still 5 days left on the auction so you still have plenty of time to bid, just make sure you clear it with the wife first before you decide to bring this baby home.

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One Response

  1. Louis says:

    Really nice car police.
    I have a 77 chrysler newport it was my grandfathers first car.
    2 doors,and it has the 360 5.9 liter on it.

    my grandfather gave it to my younger brother and he started to restored the car but he had a motorcycle accident and past away 3 yrs ago.
    Now I’m restoring the car kind of hard to find parts for it..

    any ways the i like the way that the police car looks .. awsome..