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1974 VW Super Beetle Road Test

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Over the years the caliber by which automobiles are measured has changed drastically. Reviews have become more stringent with reviewers searching every nook and cranny of a car for faults. Back in the late 1960’s there was only one real source to go to for a good comprehensive automobile review. It was called Car & Track, and it was the first nationally syndicated car test television show in America. Bud Lindemann was the host and offered reviews that were sometimes more tongue and cheek than factually accurate. Take this review of an automotive icon, the 1974 Volkswagen Super Beetle. Not since Jeremy Clarkson have I heard a reviewer slam a car this bad, in fact it’s almost comical. Things have obviously changed over the years, but in the end one thing always remains the same. Regardless of the year, make or model, we always love seeing cars flogged around a test track.

Source: Youtube.com

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