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1971 Mark Donohue AMC Javelin Trans Am for Sale!

Posted in AMC, Burnouts, Expensive Cars, Fast Cars, History, muscle cars, Pro-Touring, Racing, Videos by MrAngry | July 27th, 2010 | 9 Responses |

1971 Mark Donohue Javelin

Can someone please tell me why we can’t bring back the Trans Am series like the one run back in the early 70’s. I mean just stop for a moment and look at this thing. This is the 1971 AMC Javelin of Mark Donohue that won the 1971 SCCA Trans-Am Championship. You wanna’ talk about some hardcore car porn, than look no further. From the dual exhaust cutting in through the rocker panel, to the strut-braced front air-dam, to the patriotic paint scheme and mini-light style wheels, this 1971 AMC Javelin is a ride that makes us car guys get that fuzzy feeling in all the right places.

1971 Mark Donohue Javelin

This particular 1971 Javelin was the last Trans Am car to be driven by driver Mark Donohue and in the 1971 season took the SCCA Trans-Am Championship by racking up seven wins in ten events. For all of us guys that are into the modern muscle car movement, or dig the pro-touring style of automobile, cars like this Javelin are the reason why.

1971 Mark Donohue Javelin

As kids this is what we grew up with, it’s what we saw on TV and what we lusted after day in and day out. Mustangs, Camaros, Javelins and Challengers were all ripping it up and in that time unknowingly creating one of the coolest race series in the history of motor sport.

The above video contains footage of that 1971 Trans Am season and is probably one of the best that I’ve seen. This was motor racing at its finest in a style that will never be seen again. Oh… and by the way, it’s for sale. Click here to learn more.

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9 Responses

  1. Michael says:

    That car is 40 years old is badass and still looks better than most cars from today. Bring Trans Am racing back.

  2. L says:

    That car is sex on wheels. Wow.

  3. Milo says:

    I went to work for AMC in 1974. My first week on the job it was announced that the Ambassador would be discontinued. No problema. Three months later it was announced that Javelin/AMX production would cease. What? That was the reason I went to work for these guys. AMC then became the home of the Gremlin, Hornet, Pacer and the slide downhill began.

  4. Dan Lepley says:

    This Javelin is the whole reason I got into muscle cars, being born in 1970 I grew up with all these cars, I have owned and still own the 1969 dz302 z28, 1967 mustang ,1965 corvair,1970 challenger rt, and My pride and joy 1971 javelin sst 401 4speed. The only ones left in my garage is the javelin and the corvair. This car lives eats and breathes attention I have cloned this very car on this page and Im here to tell you that there was not a bigger badder or COOLER car than this beautiful work of art. I cant go anywhere with this car without being mobbed by people wanting to jus t touch it( I know it sounds wierd). But i feel the same . Looking for more owners Drop me a line..(dan.lepley@hotmail.com

  5. Bill Felicelli says:

    I started with AMC in 1967. I was directly involved with the launching of 1968 Hurst/Rambler, 1968 Javelin and AMX, 1969,1970, 1971,1972,1973,1974 Javelins and
    AMX’s. These were the best years ever to work for AMC. TransAm Racing, Nascar Matador,
    AMC Six Cylinder Indy Car, and other new AMC products. If GM would have introduced the
    Pacer, they would have sold millions. AMC did not have the marketing power with this
    car. Unfortunately the demise of AMC was the partnership with Renault. Lee IaCocca bought
    AMC strictly for two things. The Jeep platform and the new Bramalea, Ont, Canada
    state of the art assembly plant. Here is a little history no one knows about the partnership which AMC worked on for a couple of years. There were three foriegn companies in the mix. FIAT, RENAULT, and Peugot. Ironically Fiat was the favorite, however becasue they did not have a automatiic tranny, Renault won out and as I said was the end for AMC.
    We built some great products, but when we stopped building the muscle cars, if was
    all down hill from there on.
    I am one lucky guy who grew up with AMC in the automotive business I have loved all
    my life and now retired after 47 years. Great times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Brian Johnson says:

      Hi Bill. I’m a long time collector of AMC cars up in Minnesota. Have had them for over 20 years. Would like to talk to you some time about what it was like to work for AMC, and have many questions about the day to day goings on. I really like to gather historical information on my cars, and i like restoring them.. I have a 1969 Hurst SC/Rambler i just bought a couple of years ago. It’s somewhat of a basket case, but i hope to restore it one day. I also have 2 1969 Rebel “Raiders”. (Remember the “Mod” colors?) Send me an email or call 218-310-7837 anytime. I’m retired also. Regards,Brian

  6. Dan Wulff says:

    I have two of marks Javelin jacks, the real thing I was Marks brother in law. I kept so many of his things I want to sell before I assume room temperature. Someone else can enjoy Marks thing the way I have DaN

  7. RainnXamX says:

    Had a passion 4 cars since childhood.Lost many collectibles,wallet,moving,family stolded,sold,wreaked.Saw this Beast of a car roar by me twice,wondered “What Was That”.!!..I met the owner,drove to see his car,low & behold there was this 71 AMC Amx/Javelin 401″The Go Package.”..My eyes lite up like X-mas trees.I had owned a 71 grem & 79 Spirit…A 13 yrs relationship & an asssistance to Flywheel 401( a Cert Auto Mech Tech Troubleshooter 32 yrs,wasnt a car he couldnt bring bk to life & would be the fastest)The AMC was given to me as an Engagement Ring.Her name Scarlett,together we owned AMC 16 yrs.A simple common medical procedure “Backfired”.Bill was over medicated by a Dam Dr mistake & was able to bring him home,Peacefully met the Heavens in my arms.Bill passed before the complete makeover.Then I had a few garages take me through the wringer on simple repairs.I moved to Columbia Sc to go to Midlands Tech Auto.Due to living arrangements,I recently had no choice then to move back to the Keystone Mountains.I was up against a Mark Donohue,only 2 AMC’s there,Bill & I Won.2004-2012 Carlisle Mopar Nationals in Pa was my planned vacation,35 min drive.2004,3rd for AMC & 2010 Won a trophy “Most Interesting” out of 2500 Top Show Case Ladies,Scarlett has her flaws & 5 pics posted in AMC The Spirit Still Lives (history)from All Par.com.Found this doing research after Bill passed..Not easy being a single woman/Hot Wheels.I have truely found the coldness,heartless people all wanting my AMC.I’m hanging on to a Promise Bill asked,To keep the Amc Heritage Alive.What a trill it is to be a owner,to get behind the wheel & drive,No-One can take that Glory from me,darn if people arnt trying.I have a Lifetime Dream to Hold/Fullfill..A Womans Love & her Amx/Jav….