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1969 Pininfarina Sigma Concept

Posted in Formula 1, History, Pininfarina, Safety by Dustin Driver | July 29th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

The 1969 Pininfarina Sigma concept looks like it would give the Mach Five a hard time on the track, but the F1 car wasn’t built for speed—it was built for safety. In 1968, Switzerland’s biggest car mag, Automobil Revue, started a campaign to create a safer F1 car. Drivers were dying in droves back then and everybody knew something had to be done. Backed by Enzo Ferrari, Mercedes, and Fiat, Pininfarina and automotive journalist Paul Frère went to work. Their Sigma concept is stunning and includes safety features like fuel cells, seat belts, and an automatic fire suppression system. Three of the cars were made. Pininfarina and Ferrari each own one, Automibil Revue has the third.

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