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1965 VW Type II Turbo

Posted in Car Photography, Classic, Fast Cars, Favorite Cars, Volkswagen by Dustin Driver | September 5th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

Every so often a vehicle inspires gearheads to shout from the rooftops, to announce its glory to the broad automotive world. Jim Brennan over at Hooniverse found this spectacular 1965 VW Type II bus at Motormavens.com. Now I, your faithful town cryer, bring it to you. It is absolutely perfect. It was restored to intergalactic concours condition by its owner, Rolando Alvarado. It wears a scrumptious shade of vanilla cream topped with a dollop of lustrous licorice black. It hugs the ground like an angry pillbug. It has just the right amount of blinding chrome. But this bus isn’t all show and no go. Alvarado took it to VW miracle worker Victor Nemjivar of So Cal Performance Lab, who punched its stock 1600cc air-cooled flat four to an incredible 2276cc. Then he added forged ceramic-coated pistons and custom ported and polished heads with turbo chambers. Finally, he topped it off with a Garret T3/T4 turbo. The batshit-crazy mill pumps out 235 horsepower with 12lbs of boost on pump gas. And it’s air cooled. Madness. Glorious madness.

Source: Hooniverse, Motormavens

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