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1964 Lincoln Continental Deathmobile For Sale On eBay

Posted in Cars, Collector Cars, eBay Motors, General, Lincoln, Movie Cars by Kurt Ernst | February 6th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

1964 Lincoln Continental Deathmobile

Got an empty space in you car collection between the General Lee and the Batmobile? Looking for something with a little flash to take to opening night of the symphony? Tired of one-upping your neighbors with the latest luxo-box from Mercedes or BMW? Stress no more, for the perfect single-digit-salute to the establishment is for sale on eBay. No, it’s not the Deathmobile used in the movie, but who’s going to know? You’ll need to add your own smoke generators, but that sounds like a fun Saturday afternoon project to me. The best part? It’s got a “Buy It Now” price of just $12,500. For less than the cost of a new Corolla, you can be rolling in style as you scare the crap out of the neighbors.

Source: MotorAuthority

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