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1964 Ford Fairlane rips up the Nurburgring!

Posted in Classic, Collector Cars, Racing, Videos by MrAngry | September 10th, 2010 | 1 Response |

Rob Enaudi, the Editor-in-Chief over at Cardomain.com turned me on to this video of a 1964 Ford Fairlane tearing up the Nurburgring, and to say I’m diggin’ it would be an understatement. You see for me, watching old iron being used and abused on a racetrack is a way of life. I’ve flogged my ’68 Charger mercilessly on racetracks all over the United States so watching this Fairlane run balls out was like listening to a symphony for me. Also, keep an eye on that speedometer as this old Ford is racking up speeds in the low 140’s. Let me tell you that from experience, doing those speeds in an old car, even an old race car is bookin’. Maybe one day I’ll get the chance to drive the Ring in my old sled, but until then I’ll just live vicariously through videos like this until that day comes. Oh well… here’s to hoping!

1964 Ford Fairlane

Source: Cardomain.com

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One Response

  1. 68SportFury says:

    Man, that looks like fun.