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1960s Survivor: An All Original 1967 Firebird

Posted in Car Buying, Cars, Classic, Collector Cars, Detroit, General, Pontiac, Used Cars by Kurt Ernst | June 13th, 2010 | 4 Responses |

1967 Pontiac Firebird

I have a love / hate relationship with Bring A Trailer. I absolutely love the site, especially when I can resist the temptation to buy whatever car is featured. I hate it when BAT forces me to check my (declining) bank balance because I can’t live without whatever car is on the site today. This 1967 Pontiac Firebird, featured on Bring A Trailer and for sale at J. Andreu Collectible Motorcars, has me somewhere between these two extremes.

1967 Pontiac Firebird

On the one hand, this is the first year Firebird, with less than 100,000 miles and a two owner history. The original Firebird is one of the best styled cars to ever come out of Detroit, and (in my opinion) it only gets better with age. Maybe that’s because you see a lot more early Camaros than you do Firebirds, or maybe it’s because most original Firebirds haven’t been customized to death. This car is stunning, and needs only some paint and freshening to have a show winner (at the local level, at least). At $12,500, the price is right, too. It’s hard to imagine losing money on this car, as long as you preserve it for the next 10 years or so.

1967 Pontiac Firebird

The flip side of the coin is the configuration. This one comes with a 326 V8 tied to a (3 speed?) automatic, so you’re not going to be showing taillights to too many cars. The interior is red, really red, and would take some getting used to. It’s a base model, so you don’t have a tach next to your tunnel speedometer. Did I mention that the dash is red?

1967 Pontiac Firebird

Maybe I’m nitpicking, because I have neither money nor garage space for this ‘Bird. If things were different, I’d be happy to make room for it, red interior an all. I’m not even sure I’d repaint it, since there’s something to be said for cars that are all original. Who knows, you may even be able to save the paint with some rubbing compound and a lot of effort. It’s not for me, but it may be just what you’re looking for. Hit up J. Andreu here if it is.

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4 Responses

  1. Greg says:

    I myself tried for a day or so to justify cashing out some 401k funds to attempt to get this Firebird, I fell in love the moment I saw it on BaT

  2. Kurt says:

    As long as you can hold on to it for 10 years or so, I can’t imagine losing money on this car. That assumes, of course, that we’re not out of oil and killing each other in the streets for food by then.

  3. Dave says:

    One of the coolest things I ever saw, was about 20 years ago at a small car gathering in a local shopping center; a 1969 Camaro Z-28 with the original sticker still on the drivers side window.

  4. Kurt says:

    Dave, back in my garage days, one of our customers had a 1957 Chevy Bel Air with 15,000 miles on it. She was a little old lady who (literally) drove it to church on Sundays.

    I heard there was one hell of a fight among her grandkids for it when she died.