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1959 Daytona 500: When Balls Were Made of Steel

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Richard Petty
*Yeah… that’s a convertible.

If you’ve ever driven a car built before 1970 then you know damn well that they’re about as safe as an ox cart. There are no crumple zones, no airbags and the brakes were from the Flintstone era. Back in the late 1950’s safety was more of an afterthought as drivers simply had one thing on their minds, winning. It was a time of learning and experimenting in NASCAR and because of this safety for both the drivers and the crowd was more of an afterthought than anything else. The following is video of the 1959 Daytona 500. The cars were huge, the technology was nonexistent and the sheer will of the drivers was something that continues to amaze us to this day.

Source: Youtube.com

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