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1947 Studebaker California Business Coupe + Two 7’s

Posted in Car Photography, Classic, Custom, eBay Motors, Hot Rods by Suzanne Denbow | August 8th, 2008 | 4 Responses |

Our first eBay Motors find of the day; a 1947 modified lead-sled. Although it’s not in the same shape as the cars we usually feature, we [read: “I”] have a certain weakness for Stude’s, especially the California Business Coupes.

Most of the work done so far on this Studebaker has been cosmetic; all the fender seams have been welded, drip rails removed, head and taillights frenched [snicker]. The frame is largely rust-free, which scores big points with us since rod’s that haven’t been fully restored yet usually look a lot rougher. The engine is a 289 Ford 4v with a Mustang radiator – not what I personally would’ve chosen [I see a ’47 Stude as being better suited for a 638ci Merlin BBC, but that’s just me], but I do give them points for an Edelbrock intake and carburetor.
The interior is still pretty much a blank canvas, but since it’s in pretty amazing condition for mostly OEM upholstry, we won’t be too judgemental. Someone at least started in the right direction with the Stewart Warner look-alike gauge cluster, but this rod is begging for someone to pick up the slack.
Bottom line: if only I had a 3-car garage…









































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4 Responses

  1. Cranbrook says:

    Lovely car, lovely girls

  2. ernie brown says:

    your car look like shit but ya girls looks vagtastic