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18 Examples Of Cops Looking Like Idiots

Posted in General by Robert | February 15th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

Love cops, hate them, I’m not sure it matters, sometimes seeing authority figures with some egg on their face simply provides some much needed schadenfreude. Here are 18 pretty good examples:

Talk About A Sticky Situation

It’s Hard To Respect Your Authority When You Are Driving Such Ridiculous Cars

Right of Way Can Be Tricky

As Can The Difference Between the Accelerator and Brake

Probably A Good Idea To Trust His Instincts

An Internet Classic

Cushy Job

Giant Light Came Out Of Nowhere

To Protect And Serve. Should Throw Something In There About Not Being A Giant Prick.

Things Got A Little Out Of Hand


The Irony, It Hurts

GPS Can Be Confusing At First

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