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17 Year Old Builds His Own Electric Car For $10k

Posted in Bizarre, Car Tech, Custom, Design, Electric Cars, Plug-In Vehicles by Vito Rispo | October 15th, 2008 | 4 Responses |

Lucas Laborde, a 17 year old from San Antonio, Texas doesn’t need a Prius or a Chevy Volt to avoid the gas pumps, he built his own electric car – for about $10 grand.

Luke’s electric car is based on the kit car model Bradley GT II, which his father bought on eBay for $5000. The conversion parts and batteries cost another $5700, and the rest cost Luke about 150 hours in the garage. He crammed eight 80 pound traditional lead-acid batteries in the space where the fuel tank used to be, and a few other “creative locations.”

The finished car can go 40 miles between charges, and has a top speed of 45 mph. Unfortunately, because of the weight of the batteries, the car’s fiberglass body is twisted slightly, causing the gull-wing doors to be misaligned.

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4 Responses

  1. Arfan Medni says:

    Fibreglass body is twisted, im not surprised. The body was not designed to take on the hugh weight of the lead acid batteries.

    Try building from a donar car in the future. Where as the steel construction would help spread the weight around the body and more even distribution.

    The range is ’40 miles’ makes it less practical than a normal gas car, that would have a range over 150 miles, depending on driving conditions/engine fuel tank size….Only suitable for city use.

    But good effort anyhow.

  2. Paul Rai says:

    give the guy a break man! hes 17…..he made an electric powered car on his own! well done bro, im impressed….im 17 worried about my chem exam tmw and ur making ur own electric car. keep at it!

  3. Bryan says:

    The car is built on a ’70’s vintage VW Beetle chassis, not a fiberglass unit-body construction. Yes, the VW chassis do have some flex, but you can add strength by fitting square steel tubing along the frame perimeter -

  4. deeerp says:

    This is sad, he could have gotten way better specs with li-ion for only a little more