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12 Motorcycle helmets that will have motorists doing double takes.

Posted in Bizarre, Motorcycle, Safety by MrAngry | April 6th, 2010 | 8 Responses |

Double Head

Riding motorcycles is not only a great hobby, but a wonderful way to get away from the trials and tribulations of everyday life. There is just something about coming home after a long days work, putting on that leather jacket and helmet and hitting the open road for a nice 50-60 mile blast. The beauty of riding is that for the most part you have almost 100% anonymity. Your body is protected by dead cow and if you’re smart and don’t wear those crappy brain bucket helmets, your head is encased in it’s own little crash zone. The following is an assortment of painted and modified helmets that will not only make you stand out, but will have motorists everywhere shooting you repeat glances at every stoplight.

1. Mr. Mischief

Mr. Mischief

Yup’… I’m definitely up to no good.

2. Boba Fett

Boba Fett

Ok fine, I’ll admit it’s a little nerdy but at the end of the day I have yet to meet one person who didn’t think the Fett was a bad ass.

3. Orc Head

Monster Head

What we have here is someone who is either a die hard Lord of the Rings fan or a serial killer. There really is no in between with this one. No joke, this would scare the ever-lovin’ crap out of me if I saw this on the street. The Dude does have some talent though.

4. Pac Man

Pac Man


5. It’s just your friendly neighborhood Spiderman!


I really, really hope this guy has matching Spidey leathers to go along with this helmet. He could ride all morning and then do kids birthday parties in the afternoon. It’s a total no-brainer.

6. Skull Head

Skull Head

She must be very proud.

7. Lion King?

Lion King

I cannot imagine any self-respecting man wearing this thing, so lets just say that it belongs to the wife and be done with it. I don’t know why but this thing really creeps me out.

8. For when the sleigh is in the shop.


You see, I knew Santa was cool. I can totally picture the fat man thundering down the street on a Harley Road King with a red sidecar attached. He’d have his sack of toys on the back and Rudolf riding shotgun.

9. Iron Man

Iron Man

This helmet will only be cool twice. The first time was the day the Iron Man movie was released. The second time will be when the sequel comes out, then that is it, end of story.

10. The Clown

Clown Helmet

Coulrophobia is defined as an abnormal or exaggerated fear of clowns. So, if you have this disorder and this guy comes up next to you on the freeway, basically you’d be f*cked.

11. Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime

In reality, you could look like Brad Pitt, but put this thing on your head and you’d be almost guaranteed not to get laid… ever.

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8 Responses

  1. AC Tony says:

    As a huge fan of the original Battlestar Galactica series, I would drop the dough for a cylon head helmet, replete with moving red-eye.

  2. DaveMofo says:

    Some of these are really freakin’ cool, but you’re right about anonymity. I don’t want to give police or asshole motorists a good identifier because I’m typically passing traffic, not hanging out in it. My defense is a good offense, and the local cops generally don’t screw with the sport bikes because they aren’t allowed to chase, and the riders won’t stop. Give them a detailed description, however, and maybe a partial plate…Badges knock on your door. D’oh!

  3. Blix says:

    I just bought a helmet. Kicking myself for not getting the PacMan one.

  4. Stephen D says:

    The clown helmet is awesome. It’s Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal!!!

  5. DK Seb says:

    Ok soo this is awesome! But this just leaves me with one question.. where can i get one??

  6. javier says:

    where can i get the helmet with the smiling face and the visor looks like its wering glacess?

  7. javier says:

    where can i get the helmet with the smiling face on it
    is amazing looking and the vizor lloks like its glasess

  8. Wayne Culph says:

    Where can i get the skull helmet