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11 Worst Cars Ever Built – CAR and DRIVER

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Car and Driver Worst Cars List

So many cars, so much junk. Over the years auto manufactures have had some wonderful successes and some dismal failures. Car and Driver recently put together a list of the 11 worst cars brought to market over the last 30 years, and hot damn if it isn’t a doozy. Click through and check it out.

Source: Youtube.com

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5 Responses

  1. Jason L says:

    I like their list, but I think they left off every Chrysler made between the mid 70’s and 2 years ago, LOL.

    Seriously, how has that company survived the last 3 decades? You couldn’t open a Consumer Reports or read a JD Power press release without hearing that Chrysler quality sucked…yet somehow they’ve thrived.

    OH WAIT – I know – two government bailouts.

    God bless America.

    • turbosrt says:

      You read consumer reports? You must be a Toyota fan. Performance guys dont buy modern Toyotas or read consumer reports because the people that make them dont care the least for cars. They had a word in the old days for people that bought foreign stuff and listened to propaganda “A commie”.

      • JamesM says:

        I’m pretty sure spending money that you worked hard for warrants a hard look at what your spending your money on. In this case, if you choose to buy a car from a car company based off-shore because it has: Higher quality standards, less expensive than it’s american and german counterparts, easier to maintain… the list goes on, that doesn’t make you a commie, it makes you a smart shopper. I get sick and tired of people thinking just because you don’t buy something from the US, you’re a terrible person. This is a global economy, and if a company (chrysler in this particular example) can’t keep up with global standards, why would you buy it? Because it was ‘made in America’? That would be a very poor decision. I think over the past few years they have beefed up Quality control and started to turn around, but only because of the bailout were they forced (and able) to do this.

        My point being, the arugment that not buying something just because it’s not 100% based out of america, is a very weak argument.

      • JamesM says:

        Also, to say that the people who make Toyotas don’t care the least for cars is ridiculous. They may not be too concerned with Performance cars, but the people at toyota take cars pretty serious. Take a look at their profit margins, take a look at their average life on the road before having to go to a junk yard. I won’t disagree that they are ultimately boring vehicles, but to claim that they don’t care about cars is an incorrect statement.

        Although the Supra was a pretty impressive vehicle…

  2. Set says:

    At 5:09, the license plate on the Cutlass is GTFO75. I find that strangely appropriate.

    Also, when did Epic Meal Time start doing car shows?