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100K GBP Worth of Cars Go Missing at Gatwick Airport, UK

Posted in General by davidallen | March 12th, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

The unofficial Gatwick airport car parking firm Pink, Greet and Meet, have lost three of their clients cars a £50,000 Range Rover, a £30,000 Mercedes and a £25,000 Alfa Romeo, the vehicle owners who are believed to be still abroad are expecting upon their return to pick up their keys and drive off home, unfortunately this will not be the case and they have no idea. This matter has only come to light simply because the car parking company, Pink, Meet and Greet have actually gone out of business and the first thing that anyone knew of this was when a box containing all the keys to their customers cars was dumped at the offices of BAA the airports owners, who are in the process of tracking down the owners of the vehicles and reuniting them with their keys and cars. However there have been problems, because people have been contacting the car parking firm brought in by BAA to sort the mess out, only to find that there are no records of their car ever being with Pink, Meet and Greet.


Further to this, there are some other serious concerns, many people leave their home keys on the same key ring as their cars, so there is an added worry for people who return from being away, and who feel that they have left their cars in safe hands, only to return to find that their car is missing and that their home may have been at risk too. The Police are now involved in the case of the three missing vehicles and they are being treated as being stolen, however this just goes to show that by shopping around to save a few pounds is a great thing but people need to weigh up the pros and cons of the deal that they are getting, Pink, Greet and Meet were an unofficial airport car parking service, the company which has now ceased trading, recently featured on the BBC’s Watchdog program where the car that they handed over to them was tracked and driven around at high speeds and parked in the street, so it does pay to research thoroughly, as there are always signs to look for.


Source [LSE]

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