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$100K for Chrysler Workers

Posted in General by davidallen | February 28th, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

Workers at Daimler Chrysler AG’s Chrysler Group have been offered up to $100K by the company as it tries to shed nearly 9000 jobs in the USA, the jobs to go are those who are paid hourly, the management of Chrysler have offered a $70K early retirement package, but clearly there are certain requirements that the employees have to meet in order to qualify for this payout, there is a buyout package being put onto the table for those who do not qualify for the early retirement which is the $100K that is being spoken about.


It will be difficult for Chrysler to reach their goal of 9000 job cuts within the parameters that have given, so it is believed that should they take up figures be below the said amount, then the offer may be offered to all of the company’s 50,000 hourly paid employees. However there has already been some disconcerted employees who feel that the offers are not equal across the board, in some cases there has been offers of car vouchers to some salaried and some Canadian based employees, this is causing some questions of equality that cannot be helping the matter I any way.


The employees have some very hard choices to make, on the one hand they have the opportunity to retire early which for some people would be good news, but for those who do not qualify for the early retirement packages, they can take the money and run, but then they may not be able to find any more work, so in the long term the money will not make up the difference, it is not an enviable position to be in at all.

The offer will go out in March and will stay active from April through to December.

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