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1,000 Laps Around Bristol? Ford thinks it’s possible on one Tank in a V6 Stang’.

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V6 Mustang

Now this will be something to watch. We’ve all read that Ford’s new V6 Mustang will have 305 hp and be good for 31 mpg hwy. Just so we don’t question them though Ford is going to give us all a demonstration by hitting Bristol Motor Speedway. Their plan is to fill up the tank and then drive 1000 laps, that’s the equivalent of more than 500 miles.

Ford North America Motorsports director Jamie Allison, states:
“We all know how much fun it is to drive Mustangs, but in today’s market it’s also about fuel economy.”

“By going 1,000 laps or more on one of NASCAR’s most popular tracks, we expect to show that when it comes to Mustang, you can be mean and green.”

These are big statements from a company that already proved their Ford Fusion hybrid can hit 1000 miles on a single tank. I’m looking forward to the outcome on this one as it should be good.

Source: The Torque Report

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