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10 Terrible Corvette Customs.

Posted in Chevrolet, Corvette, Custom, FAIL, General, Videos by MrAngry | September 3rd, 2010 | 1 Response |

When first released in 1953 the Chevrolet Corvette was touted as America’s sports car. It was a sleek two-seat roadster that promised to deliver all the thrills you could want from an open air drop-top. The cars next twenty years went smoothly, but then around 1975 something terrible began to happen. People started to customize these wonderful cars in ways that you can’t even imagine, and then further still the Corvette developed a reputation as the car for those in a mid-life crises. The last ten or so years have been good for the Corvette from a performance standpoint, but unfortunately the car still holds onto the mid-life crises stigma. Customization is another aspect of the Corvette car culture that has slowed as well and believe me when I tell you that enthusiasts the world over are rejoicing. There are however a few cars that have slipped through the cracks and for whatever the reason I felt the need to show them to you today. Enjoy.

• Holy Moly!

This car must really run hot as it has no fewer than six, yes six air scoops built into its front end. There is the big mako shark lookin’ inlet between the headlights, the twin hood cut-outs right about that, the uber-big super scoop that impairs vision, followed by the louvered fender vents that do absolutely nothing. Plus if you want to get technical we can also include the rear air inlets in front of the rear tires. Who knows, maybe this guy was looking at a wheel of swiss cheese when he built this thing.

• Corvette Summer…. OF DOOM!!

If you like cars and know some movie trivia than you’ll know that this pile-o-crap was the star of the movie Corvette Summer, starring Mark Hamill (that’s Luke Skywalker for you young folk). In 1978 this is what movie executives perceived as being the “IN” thing. Some quick technical notes; aside from being completely hideous, that crazy hood scoop was completely non-functional and was only located on one side and the car was actually right-hand drive. Why? We have no idea, thankfully though not too many people thought to build replicas of this thing.

• Batman’s gay brother’s cars…

We don’t even need to see the outside of this thing to know that this belongs to Batman’s gay brother Lester. Apparently he left Gotham at a young age and moved down to the West Village in NYC… go figure.

• Confused Chevrolet

We’ve all seen cars with Lamborghini doors before but this thing is just ridiculous. First off if you’re going to go with a theme then please stick to it, don’t just modify stuff because you’re bored and lonely. Also, ASK FOR OPINIONS!! Seriously, if this guy had any true friends this poor thing never would have happened.

• Real Life Matchbox Car

When I first saw this thing I remembered that I had one just like it when I was a kid in the form of a Matchbox Car. I also remember crushing it in the vice in my Dad’s workroom, this guy should have done the same.

• Accessory Overload

Ever see a J.C. Whitney catalog explode on a Corvette? No? Well… here you go.

• Art or Not?

We’re going to go with a big fat “NOT” as it pertains to this poor 1985 Corvette and the fact that it could be construed as art. I mean you could consider it art, but it would be that really terrible stuff that you’d find on sale at your local flea market in the discount bin. I especially like the pair of little boobies that were used on the license plate cover on the front… very nice touch.

• El Pimpi’oso!

It looks like a Corvette Grand Sport and a Pimp had a competition as to who would be pimping out who on the neighborhood street corner. Apparently they both walked away victorious.

• Death Racer

With an obvious love for reptiles, bad B-movies and Chevrolet, Brad decided that by doing this to his Corvette would be the best way to show society his true colors.

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One Response

  1. Jack Seigneur says:

    Yes, 2 or 3 of the corvettes should be burned, But Custom Corvettes are awsome!!!!! I have an 82 that is highly modified. I do a lot of car shows and talk to a lot of people with custom cars and trucks ( lots of vette’s) a good share of these customs are cars saved from scrap yards. My own vette was stolen from the person I bought it from who bought it new, and was recovered from a chop shop that had 54 vettes apart. Mine was one of 4 put back together.It will never be original so I,m having fun with it. It has a re-constructed title.
    Custom Vettes are awsome !!!! Stock is boring !!!!