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10 Car Models That Failed Miserably

10 Car Models That Failed Miserably

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  1. turbosrt says:

    Funny how activists wanted the H2 off the road but a Prius will do more damage to the environment just being built than an H2 could in 10 years. Dislike both the Hummer and Prius but interesting how ignorant people can be.

  2. 68sportfury says:

    Interesting, but I’d take issue with a few things in this article:
    First off, the Dodge Royal itself was not a failure, it was the Highway Hi-Fi option that had problems–and even so, it was offered across the Dodge, Plymouth, Chrysler and DeSoto lines through at least 1960.
    The Pinto did have the gas-tank issue for its first three years of production (the tanks were better-shielded from 1974 on), but its ten-year production run kinda kills the notion of it being a failure.
    Edsel was a marque, not a model. They aren’t “Ford Edsels,” they’re Edsel Rangers and Edsel Villagers and Edsel Corsairs and a few more.

  3. Josh Russom says:

    A lot of these cars seemed like a great idea at first but they just aren’t practical. That doesn’t mean I still wouldn’t like to have a Amphicar. They are pretty cool, in a weird way.