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10 Best Car Commercials of 2010.

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10 Best Commercials of 2010

I honestly don’t know anyone out there who doesn’t like a good car commercial. At the end of the day a good automotive ad should accomplish three things. It should get us intrigued, get us excited and get us to buy. If it can accomplish this, well then it’s hit the mother lode. Some car companies rely on image and humor, some tug at our heart strings, while others rely on heritage and pedigree to get them through. Whatever route they take though, the end result is always the same – sell cars. The following is a listing of the 10 Best Car Commercials of 2010 according to me, your Editor. Now go fourth, press play and enjoy.

• Dodge Challenger Freedom Commercial

What’s more American then George Washington and muscle cars? Well, according to Dodge… nothing. This commercial for the 2010 Challenger works because it plays to our sense of patriotism, our sense of spirit and the fact that we’re still holding a grudge against the Brits.

• Kia 2010 Sorrento

It’s fun, playful and takes us back to a time when our imaginations ruled the roost. Kia is a very image conscious brand and knows how to get consumers talking about their products. Case-in-point, the awesome ad above.

• Nissan Leaf Polar Bear

Personally I’m not a big fan of this ad, but I do have to give Nissan props for getting the automotive community talking. When this ad came out it was met with mixed emotions from both gear heads and environmentalists. It’s well done and in the end made the public much more aware of the Nissan Leaf.

• Ford Fiesta – Its a Pretty Big Deal

Cute, quirky and fun. Just like all the happy-go-lucky female college freshmen that will be driving them.

• Toyota Sienna – Diaper Bag

The Swagger Wagon – if you’re in this age bracket (like me) then you can’t help but laugh when you see this. It’s almost makes it ok to be rocking out to Def Leppard while your toddler slumbers in the back seat.

• Kia – Hamster Soul

* Simply awesome!

• Chevy Cruze – “Dear Civic”

After just reviewing this car I have to 100% agree that Honda should be very worried about the new Chevrolet Cruze.

• Nissan JUKE – Donut Action

What’s not to like about a small compact SUV that can powerslide through parking garages. Plus, if it can get the donuts there on time I’m all for it!

• BMW – The Story of 3

Remember when I said that some companies rely on heritage and pedigree? We’ll here is a perfect example. We all know that BMW builds great cars, but just so you don’t forget, BMW created “The Story of 3″ to remind you. Not my style, but very well done.

• Mini Countryman – Getaway

If you’re epileptic you probably shouldn’t watch this. If not though then click play. Over the last three years Mini has been expanding their product range with cars like the Clubman and new Countryman. The above is fun and does a good job of letting you know that small doesn’t necessarily mean useless.

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  1. Set says:

    I still think the other Dodge Charger commercial was better, and it was definitely better than the absolutely ridiculous Leaf commercial.